Located in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Jodhpur, our campuses are centrally located giving the parents peace of mind. With a long history of excellent academic outcomes in the context of holistic education for its children, NMS always strives for the best. Our staff and faculty are highly qualified, progressive, and resonate with the same diversity as our children. 

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Inter-school Debate Competition hosted by NMS Jodhpur

A Virtual Inter-school Debate Competition was held on 14th August 2021 by NMS Jodhpur.

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Inter-school Cultural Meet hosted by Neerja Modi School Jaipur

A 3 day energising, thrilling and educational virtual cultural meet was hosted by NMS Jaipur from 6th-8th September.

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Janmashtami Celebrations for all grades

Janmashtami was celebrated with great enthusiasm with all students participating in intraclass Matki/Jhoola Decoration competition.

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While paying regard to the past, our eyes are firmly set to focus on the future. With the state-of-art amenities and highly qualified faculty, we aim to prepare our children for the future. They are encouraged to discover things for themselves. Nurturing inquisitiveness under supervision is achieved by having a teacher over every ten to eleven children in academics, co-curricular & sport activities at the school.


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Grade 6 to 10
Nursery to Grade 2
Grade 3 to 5



Neerja Modi School, is a co-educational, non-sectarian day school serving grades Nursery to X.

Through a unique learning experience which will enrich the child both academically and personally we strive to cultivate the leaders of tomorrow, today. Our unique approach to preparing a child begins with the fundamentals of learning.

NMS recognises some students learn best by reading; some, through actual experience; some, by pursuing deep interest. At NMS many path exists in partnership, and students are guided and encouraged to find paths that are most effective for them.

Painted Desk
Painted Desk

our philosophy

With a clear recognition of the needs and the capabilities of students of differing ages and experiences, the school implements its philosophy:

  • By gradually guiding a student from dependent to independent learning.

  • By stressing high academic standards through a strong commitment to the process of learning.

  • By creating an environment for learning which is stimulating, innovative, tolerant, enjoyable and which encourages intellectual inquiry and curiosity.

  • By stressing the fundamental value of integrity and trust. Athletic and extracurricular activities combine with academic life to provide opportunities for personal growth, and prepares students to take their place as global citizens.



NMS places an emphasis on the whole growth of a learner instead of emphasizing only specific parts of the student experience. We promote growth in all areas of a students academic life : intellectual, emotional, social, and so forth encourage students to reflect on how their actions impact others and the world around them, which requires greater contemplation and less focus on rote memorisation of facts and techniques. 

New practices are being developed that attempt to integrate the principles of this new philosophy of education. Through holistic education we have much to offer to our students by emphasising on well-being, critical thinking, and the development of solutions to societal issues.

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